Security Agreements and Mortgages
Collateral Assignment of Lease
The EzBizDocs Collateral Assignment of Lease serves to confirm a lessee's (debtor's) pledge of a lease as collateral security to a creditor.

Price: $24.99
Receipt for Collateral
The EzBizDocs Receipt for Collateral Form confirms the receipt and delivery of specific collateral by a Secured Party.

Price: $9.99
Release of Security Interest
The EzBizDocs Release of Security Form should be used to confirm the cancellation of a secured debt obligation.

Price: $17.95
Release of UCC Financing Statement
The EzBizDocs Release of UCC Financing Statement confirms the Release of Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement (UCC-1) Lien by Secured Party.

Price: $14.99
Security Agreement - Basic
The EzBizDocs Security Agreement - Basic security instrument form used to secure payment on a debt; Borrower grants to the Secured Party a security interest in personal property.

Price: $19.95
Security Agreement for Business Assets
The EzBizDocs Security Agreement Form is a mortgage instrument which serves to collateralize a debt against personal property and tangible assets (the furniture, fixtures and equipment) of a business. The Security Agreement Form should be used in conjunction with EzBizDocs Promissory Note.

Price: $29.95
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Asset Sale & Purchase Complete Package
The EzBizDocs Complete package for Asset Sale & Purchase. This is a comprehensive set of documents needed to confirm an Asset Sale & Purchase transaction (without seller financing).

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The EzBizDocs, Inc. Forms provide a general format and content and the validity requirements vary depending on state and local requirements. The EzBizDocs, Inc. Forms require modification to include the specific terms of your transaction and to comply with your state's laws and local regulations. It is recommended that you have a licensed attorney in your state review any EzBizDocs, Inc. Forms that you may use to ensure that the completed forms address and confirm the specific terms of your transaction and comply with your state and local laws.